Morluski’s Homemade Italian and Polish Cuisine

Prospect Square Plaza – 121 Prospect Street, Attica, NY • 585-708-4302

Morluski’s Polish & Italian Cuisine 2019 Wyoming County Restaurant Week Specials available for just $20.19 include: Dinner comes with our daily made fresh bread! Polish & Italian Menu Farm to Table Utilizing Local! Choose 1 from each of 3 categories. SOUPS/SALAD: Pickle Soup, Italian Wedding, Fresh mixed greens salad w/our house dressing. DINNERS: Lazanki – Fried cabbage, Kraut, our in-house Noodles with local Kielbasa from Wardynskis. -OR- Pole Plate – Fresh Polish Sausage from Wardynskis, Potato Pancake, Sauerkraut with a slice of Rye Bread. -OR- Pasta – Our in-house made pasta shaped as Fettucine our in-house Mamma’s Red Sauce. Add 2 meatball or Italian Sausage for an up charge. -OR- Chicken Milanese- Our Marinated Breaded Chicken Topped with Fresh Greens, Goat Cheese, Grape Tomatoes and a Balsamic Glaze. Dessert: Nalesniki – Crepe filled with sweetened farmers cheese topped with fresh fruit   Cannoli – Filled with our in-house made sweetened ricotta cheese filling. WINE FOR $20.19 Bottle of Red or Bottle of White.

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